Laundry paste is completely different from washing powder and has many added benefits.

What are the benefits?

  • You use less - only a spoon (20g) per load
    • It is a concentrated formula so you use less to achieve the same quality wash as a powder
    • On average you get 5 washes out of a 100g pouch - the sames as a 250g box of powder
  • Wash for wash it is cheaper than washing powder
  • It has excellent stain removal qualities
    • By applying the paste directly to the area where the stain is and then leaving it for 5 minutes before washing helps with the removal of the most stubborn stains
  • It is ideal for a first load application when you wash you white laundry
  • It makes you washing smell great.
    • Unlike washing powder the fragrance is added in the paste with minimal evaporation, ensuring that the fragrance molecules better adhere to your washing leaving a lasting and fresh fragrance long after washing.
  • It softens your clothes and blankets - No need for a fabric conditioner
    • The concentrated 3-in-1 formula contains softening agents that softens the water and removes hardness from the water during washing leaving your clothes feeling soft after drying
  • The product has been formulated to work effectively in hot and cold water
  • It can be used for hand-washing and machine wash
    • The concentrated formula makes it perfect for machine washing and can be used in front and top loaders
    • It foams great for hand washing - the more you vigorously stir the water the better the foam
  • It comes in a re-usable container

Consumer Benefits of OhSoBright Laundry detergent Paste