We have developed two unique cleaning spray products which are exptremly popular in th emarker. Both products are supplied with 1 liter refill packs to encourage customers to simply top up thier spray botlles.

OhSoBright Tea tree disinfecting surface spray

It is a Tea Tree infused spray designed to kill germs and fungus on all hard  surfaces in and around the house. Tea Tree oil is a natural disinfectant, it is known to have anti-microbial and anti fungal properties. the tea trea oil in the product also acts as a natural fly repellent. Spary clean and wipe on all hard surface while leaving a referesh and clean tea tree smell

 Tea Tree Spray 750ml 01

OhSoBright multipurpose cleaning spray

It is a concentrated spray product that easily strips away grease and grime on any household surface leaving a fresh lavender scent.
Suitable for all household surfaces: Stainless steel , ceramic tiles, walls and floors. Avoid prolonged contact on aluminum, wood, lacquered or painted surfaces.
Ideal for cleaning tough grease and grime like the inside of ovens or very dirty greasy kitchen surfaces.

Top up with a 1 Liter re-fill pack

OhSoBright Multipurpose cleaning spray 750ml