OhSo Bright detergent paste comes in a number of formats for local and export markets.

OhSoBright Laundry paste pack formats

The 20g "1load" is handed out a trial sample to customers but can also be sold as a single use pack for Spaza stores in the informal trade. It is sold in strip packs or in boxes of 250 sachet. The sachet  is enough for just one load of laundry (3-4kg)

OhSoBright Laundry paste 20g Sachet

Other Consumer formats in the retail and wholesale trade are

  • 100g and 200g easy to use pouch 
  • 1 kg re-usable bucket
  • 1.5kg bottle (for export market only)
  • 2.4 kg bucket
  • 5 kg bucket
  • 25 Kg Bucket for laundromats and guesthouses

Oh so bright 100gOh so bright 200gOh so bright 1kg packshot

OhSoBright 2.4 kg Laundry detergent paste

I.5 Kg OhSobright Laundry Paste