We supply two types of dishwashing liquid to the market. The OhSoBright premium range and the Clean&Bright economy range

OhSoBright Premium Dishwashing liquid

OhSoBright premium dishwasing liquid is a concentrated,thick formula product, that is supplied in a primary 850ml bottle with a dispensing pump. It easily strips of dirt and grime from pots and pans. It has been designed to be topped up from our 1 liter doy re-fill pack or 5 liter polycan. Only a single pump from the bottle is required to wash a sink full of dishes. It has a fresh lemon fragrance and is soft on your hands during and after use.

OhSoBright dishwashing liquid 850ml pump pack




Clean&Bright Economy dishwashing liquid

Spesifically designed and formulated for the economy price sensitive customer with an economy formula that works well to clean and wash dishes. The formula has a lemon fragance and medium level of active matter. The product is supplied in a 750ml PET bottle with a flitop cap, a 1 liter doy pack re-fill and a 5liter and 25 liter polycan.

Clean&Bright economy dishwashing liquid 750ml