Laundry Paste chemistry

The chemistry behind Laundry Detergent Paste

3 in 1 Oh So Bright Laundry Detergent paste has been formulated to work as follows:

  • It is concentrated – thus upon addition to the water it prepares the water (softens) it so that the chemical used to remove the dirt from your laundry can work effectively. This allows the surfactants to work at its full potential.
  • Once you add the laundry to the water the surfactant chemicals and active ingredients start dissolving and stripping the dirt from the laundry. Other chemical remove grease and alcohols stains.
  • As the dirt and stains are removed other chemicals and molecules deposit themselves onto the laundry. It softens the laundry and provides a protective barrier to the laundry that will inhibit dirt build-up on the laundry when it dries.
  • These molecules also attract and retain the fragrance molecules which give laundry washed in a detergent paste formulation superior and lasting fragrance retention above normal washing powders.
  • Rinsing the laundry remove the dissolved dirt, fats and active ingredient leaving the good chemicals and molecules behind to soften the fibres and protect the laundry against dirt and provide superior lasting fragranced laundry

You thus get soft Laundry with a protective layer and a superior smell