OhSoBright is launching a competition where participants can win a rainwater tank.

Win a rainwater tank competition

The competition details are a follows

We have hidden a few miniature rainwater tanks in a OhSoBright 1 kg and 5 Kg buckets. Each tank has a secret serial number on it. If a customer find the tank after buying the product they must phone the following number - 0817339632 and quote the number on the tank. If the number is correct the customer will win a Rainwater tank and it will be delivered to their property.

Competition rules;

  • The competition runs from 1 November 2017 to 31 January 2018. It can be extended if all the miniature rainwater tanks have not been located and reported for prizes
  • No employees or direct family members of Tizagenix or manufacturers of OhSoBright products can participate in the competition.
  • Winners will win a green 2500l Roto tank which will be delivered within 2-3 weeks after winning the tank.
  • Winners must make themselves available for a photo session with company representatives
  • No correspondence will be entertained regarding the details of the competition
  • All winners will be announced on our website and Facebook page


OhSo Bright Laundry Paste has been uniquely formulated to use less water that conventional washing powders. During extensive testing, trails and reformulation we have had feedback from all our handwash customers -  that when rinsing their laundry,  after having washed it with OhSo Bright,  they use less water and only have to rinse the clothes once. 

South Africa is an arid country and any contribution a product can make to encourage people to use less water can have a significant impact on overall water savings. Thus we are doing our bit!

But it is not enough! Together with our traders OhSobright has launched a rainwater harvesting programme. We will sponsor via a trader competition the installation of rainwater harvesting systems in every region of the country where traders sell our products. 

Together with one of our companies in the group we have a trained engineers that can design and install systems that reduce water consumption via well desiged systems.

OhSo Bright has launched a competion with traders who join the OhSo Bright trader development programme. Traders with repeat purchases at wholesalers will qualify to win a fully installed rainwater harvesting system at their trading property or at a community venue of their choice. All the trader have to do is register with the OhSo Bright team. Submit proof of his/her purchase of OhSo Bright products to the value of R1800 as well as the second purchase. 

The trader/store owner will be accepted in the programme and a bi-monthly draw in the provincial region will be done to pick the winning trader. Use-rainwater.com will then do the installation and Brand teh system.

The firts draw will be held in the KZN region in June 2016