OhSoBright Laundry paste can now be bought in a 20g sachet strip pack.

The 20g sachet is ideal as a single use pack and with it now being sold as a strip pack. It is targeted at the informal trade sector and traders can display it and sell it as single units. It is ideal for sale by street vendors and SPAZA stores. Bongi Shangase, Shangase Brands director commeneted that "It is an ideal pack to create income for unemployed entrepeneural young people in our country. They can buy a box and easily sell it in their community and and earn an income of anyting between 80c and R1 per pack. If they sell 200 units a day they can earn R200 per day, which is more than the current minimum wage" Bongi says that Shangase Brands will be promoting it as a an opportunity creation tool for young Entepeneurs.

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