A truly South African owned company with a truly South African developed Brand.

Bongi Shangase the founder of Shangase Brands, a graduate chemist, resigned from Unilever in 2008 to pursue an entrepreneurial career. In 2013 she decided to develop her own detergent and home cleaning brand, but with a different concept.   “ I was given a sample of a branded detergent paste that sold millions of units in Central Africa , after testing it, I realized we can improve on it and develop a product for the local and Southern Africa market"– and so OhSoBright Laundry detergent paste was born” Together with her partner she bought a small manufacturing plant, set it up in a garage,  and started formulating , developing and testing the product and concept. “We went trough numerous development cycles and finally were able to bring a significantly improved detergent and superior stain removal product to the market, far superior than what is currently  available in Central and Southern Africa"

Bongi says she tested the product with a number of consumers groups and they all gave very positive feedback. in 2013 Bongi set up a small test market in Durban South and found that consumers kept coming back to buy more products.

The product was launched when a buyer a buyer at Masscash agreed to list the product in the wholesale division in KZN. It opened the doors for the product, after that  various independent family and wholesale stores listed and build credibility with customers and the market.

During the past 18 month the compnay has launhed a variety of new products in new categories with great success.

"We have big plans in place and have had huge support from our customers - so watch this space and please support us when you see our product in your local supermarket, very soon you will find us on the shelf of every retailer in Southern Africa"

OhSoBright products are currently sold regionally in SPAR, Choppies, Saverite, Jumbo cash and Carry, and a number of other independent retail stores. It has been exported to Namibia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Swaziland  and Botswana and Seychelles.

Products are also sold in our online store and we deliver nationally.

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OhSoBright is a South African detergent and home-care cleaning brand that has developed, formulated and brought to market,  a unique range of detergents and home-care cleaning products. Shangase Brands, a level 2 BBBEE company, sells and market the brand in South Africa. Laundry detergent paste is the flagship products and is a uniquely concentrated detergent paste product that has a 3in1 formulation for removing stains, brightening and softening laundry without the use of fabric conditioner. Other products that compliment the range is concentrated dishwashing liquid, tea tree and pine gel floor cleaners, pine oil tile cleaners, cleaning and disinfection sprays, sanitizers, bleach and a number of other products.

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OhSo Bright is a  new 3 in1 Concentrated Laundry detergent washing Paste. Wash for wash it is more cost effective than powder while delivering benefits that cannot be achieved with detergent powder.

OhSoBright Laundry Detergent paste products

It delivers the following benefits

  • Very economical - being concentrated the user uses less - 20g (1 tablespoon) per 3kg load of washing
    • 1kg = 2.5kg of powder
  • Excellent stain removal performance. Best for white clothes and linen. Suitable  for all kinds of clothes.
  • It has a fantastic lasting lemon fragrance, laundry retains the smell better than with washing powder.
  • Softens while washing so no need for fabric conditioner.
  • Deliver high foam in hand wash and requires less scrubbing during hand-wash.
  • Perfect for machine wash (top loaders).
  • Ideal for the first wash (white clothes)
  • Works well in hard water (borehole water)
  • Soft on the hands
  • Saves water as it requires less water to rinse laundry than normal washing powder.
  • Big packs come in re-usable containers that has less impact on the environment.

OhSoBright Laundry paste has been developed and formulated in South Africa for markets in developing countries. It is a truly a South African product. During the development  of the product the focus was on making it better, more effective and versatile for the consumers by delivering a concentrated high quality formula for everyday laundry.

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